Insulation Services in South Florida

Are you seeking loft insulation installers serving South Florida and the surrounding region? The American Insulation is the company to get the job done professionally and done right the first time.. We work with both builders and homeowners . Our specialists offer many different materials to assist add energy efficiency to your attic and home. We install different materials, including:

Blown in Fiberglass
Spray Foam
Radiant Barrier

Insulating Your Attic

Based upon your loft and one of a kind situation, different substances might be the most viable alternative (there is not any 1 material right for each loft or attic insulation scenario ). Fiberglass batt insulation is among the most frequently installed kinds of insulating material works well in several attics. These are strips that are specifically fit between walls studs and attic studs and beams which are recommend for all areas. Blown-in fiberglass is excellent for filling in small cracks and gaps around pipes and contains exceptional soundproofing abilities for any attic. Spray foam offers total coverage and aids air seal any room. Radiant barriers(reflective insulation systems) are foils or films that engineered to reflect radiant heat back in the direction it come from. This service is highly recommend to install on the attic connected to the rafters. Along with spray foam, we also can clean or replace your air ducts.

American Insulation Co also offers foam insulation. This product is sprayed in a foam around your boards. Vapor barriers are a new service that we provide. This waterproof sheet with 15mil thickness for crawl space, prevents any heat or coolness coming from the ground to get into the space. An other benefit of vapor barriers is that it helps prevent mold in the area. We also provide a rodents proofing service. Mice and rats commonly live in groups, so if you see one it’s mean there is many more. Rats and mice can be the cause of structural damage to the house and they also carry and spread germs, bacteria, and diseases that can be harmful for us. Also ask about our special insulation that’s design to create soundproofing between rooms, houses and offices.

As a substantial source of energy reduction in houses, the loft should be suitably insulated. Even if yours is not completed, it ought to be insulated. In reality, failing to make certain you’ve got the ideal quantity of insulation in your loft may have a negative effect on your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Insulating (or re-insulating) your attic offers lots of advantages. It can help:
Reduce energy bills
Make Your House a more comfortable space
Produce a uniform temperature throughout your home
Produce a healthy environment inside your home

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