Davie Attic Insulation

Insulation Services In Davie, Florida

Your home in Davie, Florida, is one of your most crucial investments. It’s also likely where you spend a lot of your time. Without any doubt, your house needs to be comfortable all year round, and proper insulation is one of the ways to ensure your home stays warm and cozy.

You may think of your attic as just a place for storage and perhaps overlook checking the insulation. After all, it’s dusty up there! However, many people do not realize that a poorly insulated attic can adversely affect the entire house. Most importantly, improper insulation of an attic space can increase your energy bills. Why? Since attics have large surfaces, energy tends to escape quickly, impacting the entire house. 

Installing insulation in your house (in your loft or attic) can enhance indoor air quality. Additionally, it can prevent water vapor from damaging the structure of your house. Home insulation can reduce the load on your temperature control systems and thus help your HVAC systems to function more efficiently. 

With the cost of heating a home steadily rising, homeowners are searching for ways to save money. Since installing new insulation or replacing the old can reduce expenses and contribute to a healthy lifestyle, it’s a logical choice for lowering your heating bills.

Spray Foam

A highly effective sealant option, spray foam insulation raises your home’s overall energy efficiency. Additionally, it can be employed to regulate the heat, air, noise, and moisture levels. Talk to a professional American Insulation’s Boca Raton branch to learn more about spray foam insulation.

Batt Insulation

As pre-cut, fiberglass insulation panels, batts can be installed in various locations of your home or office, like the walls and attic. But they also need to be carefully trimmed to ensure proper fit, something our Boca Raton technicians excel at.

Blown In

An ideal solution when insulating an open loft space, blown-in is also known as loose-fill insulation. This insulation type creates a balanced thermal blanket, and in some cases, it is employed as a second layer of protection over existing insulation.

Types of Insulation

But, before installing insulation, you must consider the space you want to insulate. Based on the size and structure of the indoor area, you can choose different insulation materials. 

For example, many Davie, Florida homeowners prefer fiberglass Batt insulation for their attics. In this method of insulation, strips fit between attic studs, beams, and wall studs. These strips prevent the unnecessary flow of air in and out of the house. By doing so, they help lower your monthly utility bills. 

Another method of insulation is blown-in fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is generally used for covering small gaps around the pipes. This material is also well-known for its soundproofing ability. It even helps safeguard your house against pests by providing an extra layer of protection in the cellar or attic where insects thrive.

Spray foam is a popular method for insulating rooms. Since Spray foam has a greater insulation value than other materials, meaning it allows less moisture and air to pass through. Adding spray foam insulation to the roof deck converts the attic into a semi-conditioned space. As a result, it protects HVAC systems during temperature fluctuations. 

The radiant barrier technique utilizes heat-reflecting barriers. These barriers are highly effective as they reflect the heat rather than absorbing it. During this process, we install foils in the attic connected to the rafters. Radiant barriers are installed in homes primarily to reduce cooling costs.

When you’re ready to install new insulation or replace existing insulation in Davie, Florida, give American Insulation Co. a call. As specialists in home insulation, they’ll answer all of your questions and explain your options in no time. A cooler house at lower costs starts with proper insulation.