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Insulation Removal Services

Though old houses in Davie, Florida may be aesthetically beautiful, they are quite expensive to maintain. On top of that, if it has a worn-out insulation system, then it can land you in a pool of troubles. You’ll end up with high electricity bills from trying to cool a house that never seems to get cool.

On top of that, dirt, dust, and pollutants can make your insulation even more dangerous for your air quality and the risk of fire. Plus,  dirty insulation segments can be less effective – costing you money. But how do you know if your insulation is a problem? You will need to inspect roof leaks and water damage, which can cause insulation degradation. Such leaks can result in mold, which will further erode the interior and exterior of your insulation barrier. If you have found any of these things, you should remove your old insulation system as soon as possible. 

Insulation Removal Process

Removing insulation can be easy, but experts can make the process easy. Take, for example, loft insulation removal services. The process uses a high-powered, custom-designed vacuum connected to a long hose. The vacuum ensures that all the dust and debris are suctioned safely in a filter bag. The large-volume filter bag gathers the insulation material. The material is placed outside the house after collection, making the removal of insulation a safer task. 

Dangers of Insulation Removal

Though the process of removing insulation sounds easy, it can be dangerous. That’s why removing insulation is not a feasible option for homeowners. In addition to the danger of the material, pests may also infest your insulation system. Trying to remove those pests may lead you to contract potentially harmful diseases.

Old insulation systems can also have substances like ceramic products and asbestos that can cause injury if not handled with protective gears. It can also be hard to reach the places you need to go. Blown-in insulation materials can be longer than the beams on a ceiling, and removal can be hazardous. Without proper knowledge about these materials and the insulation process, you can end up in an unfortunate accident. A more efficient home is nice, but falling from your attic may not be worth it.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get professional help when updating the insulation on your home.  Thankfully, American Insulation Co. makes the process easy. We provide insulation removal services in Davie, Florida. Contact us when the time comes to have your insulation system looked at and replaced (if needed) to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and safety.

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