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Batt Insulation

Is your air conditioner your new best friend? Are you overly dependent on it for lowering the room temperature? If you are nodding your head yes, then batt insulation can be your answer. We all know that the sun shines a little too bright in Davie, Florida, causing our cooling systems to work overtime. Batt insulation is an excellent way to improve the total energy efficiency of your home. After you improve the insulation, you’ll run your AC unit less, and you will notice the change in your utility bills. Batt insulation is, no doubt, one of the best ways to improve the comfort in your home and save money.

How Batt Insulation Works

By preventing unnecessary airflow in and out of the house, batt insulation helps you reduce monthly energy expenses. Additionally, your HVAC system no longer has to run for lengthy periods, which directly contributes to the improved lifespan and performance of your air-conditioning and heating systems.

You might be wondering what batt is? Batts are pre-cut panels of fiberglass. They are manufactured in various widths and lengths to satisfy the needs of different properties. They are mainly installed in the attics and walls; however, since batt is flexible, it is also possible to install batt insulation between studs, rafters, and joists.

The R-value indicates insulation’s capacity to endure the flow of heat. This is important because you want the insulation to feel the heat – not you. Greater R-value ensures increased insulation coverage. 

Benefits of Batt Insulation

With enhanced insulation coverage, batt insulation reduces the amount of noise traveling through your walls to your rooms. Batt insulation also prevents moisture and air infiltration from outside. As a result, you can avoid worrying about allergens and mold growth. 

Batt insulation has many similarities with blown-in insulation. Both types of insulation offer satisfactory R-value for different kinds of structures. However, there are clear differences between them. Usually, batt insulation is installed in incomplete roof areas or walls between the rafters where there are limited obstructions. Blown-in insulation, on the other hand, is used in completed and closed-in wall cavities. If an area is oddly shaped, blown-in insulation easily fills all the necessary gaps. However, both types of insulation work nicely. The type of insulation that best fits a homeowner’s needs will depend on the property’s structure. They are also both affordable and easy to install. 

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