Bokeelia Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal Service in Bokeelia

Possums and rats will often reside in your roof cavity and a large amount of damage can occur in the roof void if they gain a foothold in there. If your house insulation has been destroyed by possums, rats, moisture, and mildew occurring in your roof cavity, then it’s very important to have your roof insulation checked if they are a bit old then it’s time to install new insulation for the house. When you think about energy bills being higher this is something you should look at. 40% off the house energy loss by the roof itself so better to get them replaced if they are very old. Damage can include urine staining on plaster and joists, odor, insulation damage, and electrical cabling damage.

What is Insulation Removal?

The old insulation of a house must be removed if it has been contaminated or attacked by rats. Several reasons for removing old insulation include rodent or vermin infestations, or evidence of animal faces or droppings. If it may have caught water or fire damage.

 Once attic insulation is removed, go for new fresh insulation of the house to maintain its worth. Try to go for spray foam insulation that inhibits inside air leakage and is less likely to get contaminated or get moist due to water pipes. Removal of insulation of a house is surely a time taking and annoying task that needs extra effort and skills to do it perfectly and smoothly.

Who we are?

Bokeelia insulation removal has a standard service for removing insulation and dust from your roof cavity that involves removing the insulation (batts or loose fill) and vacuuming the roof cavity for dust, rodent, and possum droppings. Once we have cleaned the roof cavity, we fog an antimicrobial solution through the roof cavity which deodorizes the space and kills any present bacteria. After all these technical procedures, we install new insulation at your place that will spray foam insulation to save you from the further hassle of reinsulating your house again and again because it gets less contaminated by moisture and animals.

Why Choose Us?

Bokeelia insulation removal has two levels of service – our basic roof cavity cleaning, insulation, and dust removal service is our most popular and economical process which suits most households in which we remove the dust in insulation and roof cavities. Our advanced service includes the use of HEPA filtered air scrubbers to remove dust and other airborne particulates from the roof cavity along with possums and rats that have found their place in the insulation of the house, which could also result in insulation removal. This service is extremely popular in dwellings where people are suffering from allergies and/or respiratory problems. We use heavy machinery and a Vacuum to suck off all the old insulation gunk and discard them at the nearest disposal. All our professionally trained staff is aware of the usage of machines and equipment to remove insulation. It is always the trickiest task to remove insulation, but we are proud to have an amazing team of competent workers who knows how to deal with such problematic work.