Coral Springs Spray Foam Insulation

Coral Springs Foam Insulation

It can be quite the task to constantly adjust your thermostat during a Coral Springs heatwave. And yet your HVAC units would have to run overtime because the hot draft is entering your house from some nook and cranny that you are unaware of.

One way to mitigate these unwanted circumstances is by getting your home insulated. It will not only keep your Coral Springs home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months but also increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

And if you choose American Insulation’s spray foam insulation, then those gains can get even better, 50% better!

Types of Spray Foam

Of all the insulation products available today, spray foam insulation provides the best value to homeowners. Given the material’s expanding properties, it does an admirable job in sealing crevices and gaps in the attic, basement, and walls. Best of all, it does this in a single application.

Spray foam can be of two types – open cell and closed cell. Open-cell foam is lighter, costs less, and allows for easier installation. However, its low R-value translates to lower insulation characteristics. Conversely, closed-cell foam is dense with moisture blocking properties and is, therefore, best suited for lofts and basements. It can also be utilized as a supplemental vapor-barrier for added protection in other parts of your home.

For Coral Springs homes with lofts, it is advisable to first spray foam under the deck. Additionally, applying the product on the walls and floors prevents the attic space from getting too hot in the summer.

Benefits Of Spray Foam in Coral Springs

Installing spray foam insulation in your Coral Springs home can significantly bring down the energy loss, with certain clients having had experienced up to 30% reduction in their monthly utility cost. It reduces loss from heat transfer and air leaks by a considerable margin.

While it may be costlier than conventional insulation methods like batt and blown-in, at the same time, spray foam insulation is 2-4 times better than its counterparts in terms of insulation value, be it for air, sound or energy.

Benefits of working with American Insulation

Spray foam installation by inexperienced installers can be messy and time taking, especially if they don’t know how to deal with the product. Our installation experts, on the other hand, have completed many projects throughout the Coral Springs area. We know exactly how much to apply and where to apply the product.

When our spray foam insulation team begin installation at your Coral Springs property, they will come prepared with safety gear. They will prepare the area, spray the product, and allow it time to cure and expand. Since the spray emits odor and air particulates, our team ensures that they do not leave your premises before having thoroughly cleaned up any residual foam.

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At American Insulation, our approach to spray foaming a Coral Springs home is extremely professional as we understand just how much of an expert hand the job requires. Plus, our products are proven to not only create an effective moisture and air barrier but also add to your home’s structural strength.

If you are ready to start an insulation project, then contact our Coral Springs branch to book a free, no-obligation consultation and get a work estimate.

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