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Many people do not realize the importance of good insulation in their homes. However, efficient insulation in your Hollywood home is one of the most important things you can do for you, your property, and those who reside in it. Good insulation provides a wall between your home’s interior and the harsh weather conditions outdoors. As a result, the house does not heat up unnecessarily, so your air conditioning has to do less work, which automatically reduces your energy bills.

We at American Insulation Company work with insulation day in and day out. There is no greater joy than seeing smiles on our clients’ faces once they experience the benefits of a well-insulated home!

Blown-in Insulation Company

Blown-in insulation is a type of insulation that uses paper or wood-based cellulose products. This material is mechanically blown inside structural parts of the house or empty space. The insulation mechanism helps in slowing down the transfer of cold or heat within the building.

Blown-in or loose-fill insulation proves to be an ideal solution when applied in between walls, as well into open loft spaces. This is why many homeowners in Hollywood, Florida, opt for this type of installation to insulate their premises. The material used in this insulation type has fire-resistant properties and can, therefore, make that particular section of your home less susceptible to accidental fires.

Blown-in insulation is basically an eco-friendly product with a density that’s comparable to down feathers. Since it is a loose-fill product, it settles well around difficult to maneuver areas like ducts and wires, while leaving no gaps.

Benefits of Blown-In in Hollywood, FL

Blown-in insulation takes relatively less time to be installed as it uses a big hose to blow the cellulose or fiberglass material to create a seamless, protective cover. It provides full coverage while blanketing pipes, electric wiring, cables, and crossbeams. Once installed, it offers ample protection against vermin and insects; helps with ambient noise reduction, all the while keeping the house cool and comfortable.

To fully experience the benefits of blown-in insulation in your Hollywood, FL home, choose American Insulation Company as your service partner.

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American Insulation is one of the preferred partners for loose-fill insulation projects in Hollywood, Florida. What started with our father, fixing our own home, and are now an authority in the insulation service industry with tens and thousands of happy customers.

Being experts in the niche of installing insulation systems for homes, offices, and other commercial establishments, we take pride in being able to offer the perfect solution to our clients, that begins with assessing the premises and ends with a professionally completed project.

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