Miami Attic Batt Insulation

Is Miami Batt Insulation Right for My Home?

Batt Insulating material is a fiberglass blanket which comes in sheets or rolls and is made for simple handling and usage between framing, such as joists. American Insulation Miami is a full-service insulation company offering design, installation, and repair services at budget friendly rates. Our expertise and relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide unbeatable deals on all materials and labor.

Our seasoned technicians are capable of functioning inside all kinds of roofs, including gabled, metal, flat and tapered.

As experts in insulation installation, we are here to assist you in assessing the many choices to get the best energy saving outcomes for your house. Whether you’re insulating to your loft, finishing a cellar, constructing an addition, modifying an under-insulated bonus room or incorporating acoustic insulation for solid management, we’ve got the best products to meet your requirements and stay within your budget.

Batt Insulation Benefits

American Insulation Miami batt insulation is designed to decrease heat flow through the roof of your house, improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Batt fiberglass insulation in your ceiling can lower your energy bills by up to 45%.

American Insulation batts material can be found in R-Values from R2.5 to R4.1, and are manufactured from fiberglass, also referred to as glass wool, which is the world’s favored insulation material.

If your feet froze last winter and you found the summertime excruciating, then it might be time to consider how insulation can help you and your family. Not only are you going to be comfortable, but insulating material is also a cost-effective way to beat  increasing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


Makes homes warmer in winter and colder in summer

Lower allergen amounts

Reduces greenhouse gas discharge.

Meets the Maximum insulation criteria

Environmentally healthy — created from 65% recycled content


Batt Insulation in Miami, Florida

American Insulation Miami is proud to have been selected as one of a very few insulation businesses to collaborate with various markets, which provides us access into the top-of-the-line fiberglass products in the business.

When You choose our business that you can always rest assured that:

Each employee is hand-picked to ensure the best Level of expertise, competence and experience.

We will never include any hidden or un-agreed-upon fees – the first quote will be the comprehensive final price.

Finishing all projects within your budget and program.

Since batt material comes in rolls which are exactly the same width as the free space between joists and wall studs, fiberglass insulation in batt form can easily be rolled out and trimmed to match the areas in any home. It can even be cut to match the areas that aren’t considered regular dimensions, such as round trusses and ductwork. It is quick and easy to install and quite customizable.

Choose American Insulation Installation

We can execute an energy audit to find out where your home’s areas of weakness have been. This includes not only insulation, but also the functionality of your chimney, the weather sealing doors, and more. If you use the upgrades we recommend, you can drastically reduce your monthly energy bill, and may even be eligible for certain tax breaks. Contact us now to receive a free quote.