Miami Spray Foam Insulation

Miami Spray Foam Attic Insulation

We offer many solutions for Miami, Florida area home and business owners for insulation. Attics, ceilings, walls, and roofs are considered the most important areas for energy efficiency. With our free, no-obligation consultation and cost estimate, we’ll be able to help you conserve energy and money now!

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Spray foam is the largest innovation in the insulation market since the introduction of fiberglass in the 1950s. This advancement in technology allows American Insulation Miami to create more energy-efficient and comfortable homes with reduced R-value, cutting homeowners’ heating and cooling costs in half an hour. There is no better home insulating material that may seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save costly utility accounts, strengthen your house, and safeguard your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than spray foam insulation. Envision a draft energy-efficient house. Spray foam expands upward with insulation, spaces, and gaps in houses that aren’t filled can flow enough air regular to fill 2 air blimps!

Advantages of Spray Foam

Spray foam functions best when applied to the attic ceiling. Therefore, you will feel a little gap (roughly 5-10 degrees F) in the loft and your living space.

Your home will even take advantage of:

Improved moisture control

Decreased intrusion of pollen and dust, sound, and pests

Improved structural strength with closed cell spray foam

Wall Insulation

If you have a current home or business building and will need to jump-start your walls, spray installation with American Insulation Miami is the thing to do. To insulate walls using conventional insulation material you’ll need to tear out the gutters so as to use the insulating material, you then need to go to the cost to re-putting drywall up. With spray insulation, you do not need to tear down your interior walls to insulate between your walls because you can just drill tiny holes through it to insulate between your walls. Smaller holes are much simpler and cheaper to repair than having to install completely new walls.

If you live in an older home and are experiencing difficulties with maintaining your home at a comfortable temperature or find you are paying higher utility bills then it can be time for you to upgrade your attic’s insulation. Rather than replacing that fiberglass or cellulose insulation over and above, why not address the issue once for everyone using spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation grows and fills in each nook and cranny and won’t shift or thin once it’s dry. Furthermore, foam insulating material will block holes and actually prevent fleas and rodents from gaining entrance in your attic.

Why choose American Insulation spray foam in Miami?

If your home includes a crawlspace foam insulation with American Insulation Miami may be something to consider. Your home could not have insulation or not have enough, and chances are your home’s floor is cold during winter and you are paying more on your heating and cooling bills than you should be paying for. 15 percent of a building heat loss is missing through lower ventilated spaces. Spray foam is the perfect way to insulate your crawl space. When insulating a crawl room either the exterior walls of the crawlspace or the bottom of the floor ought to be insulated. If your crawlspace comprises heating ducts then it is ideal to insulate the outside walls and lay plastic

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