Spray Foam Insulation

South Florida Spray Foam Insulation

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat just to remain cool during these Florida heat waves? Or, do you detect cold drafty areas during the winter? Our service offers the highest insulation value over the rest of the options. So, even if you believe your home is well insulated with blown fiberglass or classic batting. Trust us, it could be much better; up to 50% better in fact. Studies have shown that retrofitting your house with our insulation can save you up to 50 percent on your monthly utility bill!

The issue with standard fiberglass materials is that, even at their absolute best, they allow air to pass through the insulation barrier and enter the dwelling. Our product, on the other hand creates an impermeable thermal barrier — it completely seals off your environment and doesn’t permit moisture, air or whatever else to pass through it. Additionally, it has a much greater insulation value than any other substance. In fact, studies show that it is 2-4x better than another kind of insulating material.

We advise that you use our product right under the roof deck. This is the very first step in forming a thermal barrier however. However, if you have an attic, it’s also advisable to utilize our product on the walls and flooring in order to stop the attic space from super-heating or even super-cooling during extreme weather. Having a completely sealed loft is essential because the air that gets trapped inside very easily makes its way to the living spaces through small nooks and crannies that conventional insulation only cannot seal off due to its design limitations.

What Results Can You Expect from Our Insulation Steps?

Attic insulation will likely offer you the greatest “bang for your buck”, so to speak. It gives several benefits: first and foremost, thanks to American Insulation, your HVAC system will begin running more efficiently. Particularly if you opt to set up our product in the entire attic (roof, walls and flooring ) in addition to around the ducting then you’ll observe that your heating/cooling unit will be permitted to work more efficiently — yield increased output using less energy. And, bonus — because the equipment is not working as hard it’s going to last longer and cost you significantly less in repairs and maintenance!

Not to be overlooked is the value our service can add to your house if and when you decide to sell. Our product is proven to seal off your home surroundings better than any other product, which is a great selling point to anybody who would like to reduce the invasion of pollutants and pests into their home. Matters like mold, mildew, pollen and even rodents and insects have a harder time getting in your home thanks to American Insulation and its amazing capability to create a moisture and air tight barrier. Our merchandise has been proven to add structural strength to your building! It’s a win, win!