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Boca Raton Blow-In Attic Insulation

Boca Raton residents are no strangers to the unusually long spells of summer year upon year, which can take a toll on your air-conditioning units. There is no denying the fact that nobody likes to pay the protracted utility costs for cooling every month. In that regard, insulation is the perfect solution to the problem, provided it is done right.

By insulating the toughest areas of your house using blown-in insulation, for instance, you not only see a jump in the energy efficiency of your living space, but you also fireproof those particular regions in your home.

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Blown-In Insulation Services

Blown-in or loose-fill insulation has a proven track record of protecting homes and commercial properties in Boca Raton during the hot summer months. As the name suggests, the insulating material is sprayed into regions of your home or office, typically into the attic, cellar, and base. Its main purpose is to create a thermal barrier that helps sustain the desired temperature inside your home.

While this type of insulation typically employs materials like fiberglass or cellulose, mineral wool is also used in certain scenarios. Cellulose blown-in insulation uses recycled paper products that have been treated with a fire-resistant coating. These materials include paperboard, cardboard, and even newspapers in some cases.

Conversely, loose-filled fiberglass insulation uses recycled fiberglass, similar to what can be seen in batt insulation. Mineral wool is a far less common material used in blown-in insulation. It is made from minerals like dolomite and basalt.


The Benefits Of Blown-In Attic Insulation in Boca Raton

Blown-in insulation helps even the flow of heat or cold throughout a building. This, in turn, enhances the comfort level for those who reside in that property. Your HVAC system, too, will run more efficiently when your house is well insulated from the hot and harsh Boca Raton climate during summertime.

When loose-fill insulation is added as an extra layer of defense over an already existing batt fiberglass insulation, the gains are multiplied. Given that the material does not have any seams and can effortlessly nestle into small spaces and tight corners raises the insulation and noise dampening characteristics by a further 20-25%.


Benefits of working with American Insulation

American Insulation utilizes only the best-in-class, weatherproof products for blown-in installations. And wherever feasible, we also make use of recyclable materials.

We are one of the few Boca Raton companies that guarantee homeowners and builders low installation prices, while at the same time ensuring prompt installation. We get the job done well within the deadline.

By hiring us for insulation services, you also increase your property’s resale value. And even if you do not want to sell your house now, when you do, the fact that your Boca Raton home has quality insulation will appeal to potential buyers.


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Recognized as the leader in insulation, American Insulation would love to see you take full advantage of our professional approach to blown-in installation and upgrade your Boca Raton home’s energy efficiency. By using time-saving installation techniques, we can successfully complete your Boca Raton home insulation in less than 24-hours!

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