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Orlando Florida Insulation Removal Services

Our integrated attic cleaning solution starts with removing attic insulation. You might want to have your attic inspected and replaced if you have old or poor insulation. Old attic insulation can cause high electricity bills due to inefficiency. Dirty insulation in the attic could also be caused by pests like rodents and birds, which can make the home unsafe. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, it is important to get rid of loft insulation to increase the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

We Remove All Kinds of Insulation

Our loft insulation removal service requires the use of a custom-designed high-powered vacuum. This vacuum is connected with a long hose. This will allow all dust and debris to be safely collected and disposed of in a large filter bag. It is specially designed to hold the insulation material. The insulation material is then taken outside. This technology makes it safer for you to get rid of blown-in insulation.

Let The Experts Handle Removing Attic Insulation in Orlando Florida

Doing this alone is dangerous for many homeowners. If you don’t have the right protection and skills, problems can arise. If rodents or pests have invaded your insulation, you could contract potentially fatal diseases by stirring up dust and fecal matter. Not everyone is aware of the dangers that old insulation may contain, such as asbestos or ceramic products. These substances can make it very dangerous to use without proper protection. It is common for blown-in insulation material to be much larger than the beams of your ceiling. This makes it difficult to see where you are going. It is tempting to remove the fill or batts yourself but there is a real risk of causing damage, such as accidentally stepping through your ceiling.